Welcome to McPhetridge Family Farms! Pull up a chair around the bonfire while you check out some of the things we are doing around our veteran owned farm!

We Have One Goal

To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Products and Services

We strive to provide our customers and community with the highest quality products by growing all our elderberries and other products using organic methods. That means you, the customer, receives a high-quality product without chemicals that can affect your health negatively. 

Gardening using organic methods is also beneficial to the topsoil as it helps prevent contamination, toxic runoff, and water pollution. Non-organic toxins are known to poison the soil, often causing the death of birds, insects, and other critters. In other words, you can help make the world a better place by choosing organically grown products over commercial grown.

Grown With Love on Our Farm

Farming is certainly a labor of love! Just ask anyone who gets up at dawn to care for the animals or tend to the plants in the field! It’s no different here at McPhetridge Family Farms. You’ll almost always find a McPhetridge working on one project or another on any given day. Whether it’s Todd feeding and caring for the livestock, Joni working on her latest project, or Rebekah taking care of the chickens and rabbits, there’s always a lot going on in these parts!

The McPhetridge Family


Todd, an Airforce veteran, is the true farmer, getting up at sunrise to take care of the animals. You'll find him regularly chopping wood, caring for the animals, or being the "muscle" around the farm to get things done


Joni, a former teacher, tends to be the "brains" of the operation, always having a new idea or project to work on. She's often found in the lab working on products for the market, or out on the farm building something new


Rebekah is the entertainer who loves to show people around the farm. You never know what color her hair will be from one day to the next either. She keeps things interesting and is an amazing host